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The well of Guizhou

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In Guizhou highland, be in vast rural area especially, where can settle down, its precondition is well undoubtedly. The word that change a name says, construct camp spot and village scale, be by the location position of well, amount how many, discharge size decides. Even somebody thinks, the dialect of the villager and individual character are concerned with well, namely people says " one party natural environment raises one party person " .

The well of Guizhou, say strictly to ought to call a spring largely, because " the natural appear of groundwater " for the spring, "The deep acupuncture point that authentic ground takes water " for the well. Nevertheless, fontal it may not be a bad idea, well, the generation that can treat water says, the generation that also is the home at the same time says. Reason is far walk along an alien land to be described to be " back countryside leaves a well " .

Of all ages, people respects the well very. Have this calling " Bai Hu is connected " ancient books, when speaking of sacred behavior, particularly right well of hold a memorial ceremony for made an explanation one time: "The 5 person that offer sacrifices to, what is meant by also? Call the door, door, well, kitchen, medium stay also. " in 5 kinds of sacred objects, the door, door, kitchen, medium stay to all be interior construction, only well is exceptional. On holidays, people goes out well of hold a memorial ceremony for, multi-purpose bean curd and so on is maigre, need not the meat dishes such as gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress, this explains therefore, well is very kind-hearted, be like loving mother general. A lot of villages hold wedding, the first thing that after the bride enters camp, should do heads for well to carry water namely. The purpose does not depend on carrying water, and depend on knowing a well. Perhaps say to let a well know a bride, admit she is the fresh blood in stockaded village. The Miao Ling nowadays Wu Ling is a mountainous area, a mountainous area stockaded village of Dong of village waiting for a seedling, still withhold well of hold a memorial ceremony for consuetudinary. Although go up in hill road, encounter well, need is drinkable, also need sacred. Oblation is very simple, lost a careless mark to go. People thinks, gave " the money that buy water " , after drinking, won't suffer from malaria. This action may depend on reminding passerby: "This is drinking water, must not flyblown. " but the villager thinks however, if not well of hold a memorial ceremony for, may fall ill, perhaps can become dumb. Big traveler Xu Xia's guest is carried in its diary, always could there be (involve mountain range today) churchyard has a dumb spring, can send a person with dumb.

There is Gu Shu near a lot of well. Distance guest does not know to have a well where, where to see Gu Shu went. The Gu Shu side the well is inherent no matter racial still, suffer a person to respect like well, regard Gu Shu as well even. The Gu Shu side well of reason hold a memorial ceremony for and well of hold a memorial ceremony for often is same act. Not be to grow a tree to build booth however by some wells. This is why to be protected admittedly water quality and for the person small rest, also have demonstrative effect at the same time, like large tree general. Interesting is, some stockaded village become Jing Tingxiu drum-tower entity painstakingly, be exactly like a big cedar, solid in be bionics to be changed in Jing Wen clever apply.

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