Eight treasures giant salamander

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The fresh water fish of pond of river river lake, the saltwater fish of boundless ocean, it is people place already hep and love. From master of the first month " fish my place desire also " to Fan Zhongyan " Dan Ailu fish is beautiful " , poet of how many celebrity has praised fish. But sampled when people after giant salamander of eight treasures of Guizhou name dish, regular meeting feels " can become approach is zenithal, general view numerous hill is small " .

Giant salamander of giant salamander formal name, it is a kind of amphibious that lives in water of remote mountains brook kind animal. Because its can be given out " baby " cry, similar baby sound, friend name giant salamander; In Guiyang common is called " pike " . Canyon of Guizhou much remote mountains, fish of child of very comfortable Yu Wa grows progenitive, teem with this fish so. South Guizhou Guizhou southeast, Guizhou, cupreous benevolence each district all has produce, next department in You Yikai take place to produce most the fattest, heavy can amount to 449 jins. Giant salamander of eight treasures of dish of Guizhou flavour name, the history is long. More than 100 years ago, guiyang person Wang Renzhai, often add a variety of burden to make giant salamander, for a long time its ability law very essence of life, have name quite, people says him at that time " king pike " . Cook eight treasures giant salamander, want classics butcher, outfit roughly dish, evaporate is ripe wait for a few main measure. Kill giant salamander to be able to use analyse to kill, butcher and very hot kill wait for a few kinds of methods, fight a way in order to iron among them most distinctive: Namely cask of giant salamander park in, enter boiling water the cap on rapid lid, make it struggles ceaselessly inside the bucket, make clean whole body by oneself mucous and deadly, next paunch is abluent and stand-by. This kind kills a law to be able to go not only clean mucous, and piscine blood was not given off, its flesh flavour is more delicious. Chop the fish that has killed agglomerate, with ham, chicken piece, 8 kinds of burden such as column of tea of Jin Gou, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms, bamboo, garlic, ray (those who call " eight treasures " ) enter oily boiler to explode together after frying, go all out in be being placed at porcelain dish, add basket boiler evaporate is appeared on soup-stock, peppery area is evacuated when appearing, drench on sesame oil, become famous namely the eight treasures giant salamander that hears far and near. This dish is beautiful, soup juice is clear, clean is like spring; "Eight treasures " arrange, form with leaf, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. This dish is spicy, yu Xiang, faint scent holds concurrently and have, shape of difficult talk of seed of its extraordinary fragrance. Basket give food, aroma 4 excessive, one guest feeds, capacity audience is all sweet! This vegetable is fresh, fish and shellfish as food, burden is bright, shang Zhigeng is bright, build because of giant salamander delicacy one delicacy 100 delicacy. This dish is tender, tender be like bean curd and corrupt of strong Yu Dou, tender be like egg a thick soup and excel egg a thick soup! This dish nutrition is rich, adipose, protein, mineral, vitamin, carbohydrate all has. Beautiful! Eight treasures giant salamander. This dish answer only the sky has, which must taste the world a few times!
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