Basketball columbine egg

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Guizhou mountains and rivers-land is beautiful, climate is delightful, natural resources of wild vivid plant is very substantial. The curiosa in having the bacterium with famed matchless among them -- Zhu Sun. Visitting scene of Guizhou charming and gentle, sample the cate that with Guizhou special local product Zhu Su cooks, will make interest in going on an excursion times add, fun is boundless.

Zhu Sun, renown " bamboo is joined " , also weigh Seng Zhuqin, it is feral at remote mountains a kind of concealed of Zhulinzhong spend fungus plant, its coping is bell shape pileus, the lid leaves long white bacterium network, very beautiful. Because it is bright fragrance is beautiful, nutrition is rich, have Qing Xinming at the same time the specially good effect that beneficial of lung of filling kidney of eye, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, embellish enrages, and maintain dish several days not corrupt not the outstanding merit of sour, all through the ages is regarded as rare food to taste, element has " Shanzhen's king " and " the flower of fungus " wait for good name, board of drive of old times palace is multi-purpose. It is raw material with Zhu Sun, can cook a variety of dish and soup kind, and among them the best, should head push basketball columbine egg. The net ministry hair of will dry Zhu Sun is fully abluent, the columbine egg that a hull loads inside every Sun net and ham, chicken piece, the burden such as dried mushrooms, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, with leek Xie Suo tightens net mouth, one by one of artistic quality ground is arranged in the nest dish or in big bowl, add soup-stock evaporate to appear, become delicacy of appearance exquisitely carved, flavor namely sweet tender Guizhou flavour cate. Because columbine egg is inside bamboo Sun net, just be like the basketball that basketball motion good athlete carries, friend name basketball columbine egg.

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