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Fold ear root, call cordate houttuynia again, have peculiar taste, nutrient value is higher; Contain protein, adipose with rich carbohydrate, contain at the same time methylic acid of Ren ketone, suet and bay oily Xi. Can be used as medicine, have the use such as detumescence of clear hot detoxify, diuresis, appetizing regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it.

Cold and dressed with sause folds ear root, to have the Guizhou folk food of grumous place characteristic. Come for years, old young all be fond of edible. Ministry of its fertilizer tender root is chosen when making (also but along with tender bud) clutch grows about one inch paragraph, abluent hind bloat with salt, with clear water pan clean, will dry chili is baked to anxious fragile, pestle becomes broken end (this kind of chili is Guizhou person " burnt hot horn " ) , scatter in the root that change side paragraph on, add the condiment such as soy, vinegar, garlic, gourmet powder and a few white sugar to mix divide evenly can edible. Cold and dressed with sause folds ear root fragile tender tastily, some of the rich Ghent that change side is balmy. Fine fine mastication, chew sweeter more, make person appetite soars, can yet be regarded as does not provide the cate of appeal. If will fold ear root to add shredded meat and spice to fry ripe edible, that is gust additionally one. Should cook duration only proper, the belt in making fold ear root continous is fragile, shredded meat is fresh and tender and goluptious, porky is delicate the extraordinary fragrance one integrated mass with the root that change side, bring out the best in each other, its flavour is boundless.

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