Garden of thunder home bean curd

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According to legend calls Lei Sanniang's woman initiate for Guiyang, heretofore already had history of more than 70 years. Classy soya bean is chosen to immerse when making 6 to 10 hours, wear oar juice, add " rape oil foot child " (namely the precipitation of rape oil is qualitative) , boil is boiled and add acerbity boiling water, the powder of the five spices that Nai of Chinese prickly ash, anise, fennel, cassia bark, caoguo, hill is configured and becomes and gourmet powder, chopped green onion is entered by certain proportion mix into again after having pot etc mix divide evenly, catch bean curd of cloth with soft nap to hold approach, squash gently, slowly in putting hot oil, turn over. Color of garden of thunder home bean curd is shown brown, outside fragile inside tender, the heart seems a honeycomb-like thing. Soy, chopped green onion, chili, sesame oil, vinegar is used when edible deserve to dip in water, take the advantage of heat to dip in feed, bright is fragile tender slip, aroma is tangy, assist rice go with wine all appropriate. The streets and lanes of Guiyang, from time to tome butcher holds basket to peddle, and silk of stock thin thin bamboo strip, 35 a string, very convenient.

Nowadays, the making tricks of the trade of dumpling of thunder home bean curd is already open, summary comes down when to have as follows nothing more than. The first, its advocate makings all choose classy soya bean, after wear oar, rape oil of a few on mix into precipitates is qualitative (namely foot of alleged " rape oil child " ) , what the bean curd that such making compares other family is white tender, meticulous. The 2nd, the flavor sort that it uses is more, scale is proper. Besides gourmet powder, sweet green, the powder of the five spices that Nai of Chinese prickly ash, anise, fennel, cassia bark, caoguo, hill is made up still is put in bean curd dumpling. Pink of this kind of the five spices is the one big key of dumpling of the bean curd that make, be like raw material not neat or scale control is undeserved, can affect the taste of finished product directly. The 3rd, scamper makes bean curd dumpling have due process and rule. Knead when holding bean curd dumpling, want forcibly not quite not small, the oily lukewarm otherwise in boiler is tall not low, the otherwise of bean curd dumpling that has pot is old not tender------These, saying with its is hang, be inferior to saying is experience. These experience, carry out through relapsing, fumble ceaselessly, can master completely. Nowadays, the person of dumpling of Guiyang management bean curd is very much, among them the product of many people and in those days photograph of bean curd dumpling is compared, be without inferior place.

Gust characteristic: Brown of colour and lustre is yellow, outside crisp inside tender, fragrance tastily.

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