Arenaceous boiler meal

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It is Guiyang comes this year new a kind of occurrence gust is fastfood, because its color is distinctive, delicious price cheap, be loved by more and more masses. The course of action of arenaceous boiler meal is: Will in those days new Mi Tao is clean, join right amount salt, gourmet powder to mix divide evenly, load stew of small earthenware pot to boil respectively next (every boiler is general 2 to 29) , when water is wash-and-wear, put skin of banger, beans, cured meat fourth, pea, lardy etc, convert slow fire stew is become 5 minutes namely. Take the advantage of heat to eat below, aroma is tangy, sweet Xian Kuo is spent, very goluptious. If assist folds the cole such as ear root, jerk with cold and dressed with sause, flavour is much better.

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