Cold and dressed with sause folds ear root

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The root that change side calls cordate houttuynia again, flavor is peculiar, it is Guizhou one big potherb, the old and weak of women and children loves to eat particularly, have grumous local distinguishing feature. The root that change side has very high nutrition value, divide outside containing protein, adipose, carbohydrate, still contain methylic acid of king ketone, suet and bay oily Xi, be used as medicine have the function such as detumescence of clear hot detoxify, diuresis, appetizing regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it. The liquid of inject of injection cordate houttuynia that treats a cold is drawn from the root that change side.

Cold and dressed with sause folds ear root to plant this namely potherb root, tender bud clutch becomes along with to grow a inch about paragraph, the salt after be being washed clean. Use salt clear water pan, scatter on the root that change side with introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad chili next, wait plus Sui of section of soy, vinegar, garlic, white sugar, green, overgrown with weeds smooth can edible. The delicacy of taste of bright of the root that change side that has mixed, fragile rich and tender, special scent. Sample, it is a kind of enjoyment that does not have interest.

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