Palace explodes eel

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Eel calls ricefield eel again. There is eel everywhere in the rice field of Guizhou.

Eel is the food that people likes. Its course of action is cut of will clean eel grow into a inch or so paragraph, had piled up with juice of ginger of salt, cooking wine, green, reoccupy puts section of soy, candy, vinegar, the seed powder of Gorgon euryale, green small bowl another to wait had been opposite. After waiting for the rape oil inside boiler to burn heat, put eel explode inside boiler fry the filter inside gourd ladle to go oily. The relay inside boiler is entered a few rape oil, refine of chili of cake issueing grow is yellow, next boiler such as the green section that has had, fry into eel turn, boil is become namely into the spice such as Gorgon euryale juice. Palace explodes eel not only nutrition is rich, and Gong Liang of colour and lustre, sweet hot delicacy is thick, the flesh is qualitative tender fragile, can make person appetite big brace up.

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