Age path dish

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Age path dish is town far county a kind of traditional food, already had history of more than 500 years. As it is said, more than 500 years ago, the path follower of a religion of a when live in green dragon hole agelong abstain from eating meal, a kind of of this locality distinctive green vegetables, go its root and old leaf, abluent bask in bloat, knead plus the flavor rub such as anise, peppery, Chinese prickly ash string sweet, become with souse of the salt on a few brown sugar mix into, because of can long-term keep in storage, reason names age path course.

This kind of dish is particularly exquisite on burden, it and the salted vegetables that bloat commonly are different, when making as far as possible take out moisture, into altar long put, yue Jiuyue is sweet. Deposit 3 years of above to just open altar edible commonly. By deposit more than 10 years. This kind of old path course is salty in the area is delicious and sweet, nice, local color is distinctive. On the history, this kind of path dish ever was installed the carry outside river of load boat edge, sell and other places of past Beijing and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Heibei. Arrived quiet day, still enjoy for the emperor as articles of tribute. Later, because wadi is foul, cannot outside carry, crop also decreases with respect to year after year. After liberating, especially 11 of the party 3 in after plenary meeting, age path dish got resurgence, tourists of a lot of China and foreign countries, once sample, be profuse in praise. Some foreign tourists still buy on one bag, bring back a country, person allowing the home enjoys this kind of delicate cate jointly.

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