Bowl ear cake

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Bowl ear cake renown " child cake " , appearance resembles a small teacup, because use " bowl ear candy " make, the child loves to feed particularly, friend name.

Bowl ear cake already had history of more than 100 years, the traditional and famous gust that is Guiyang is fastfood, it shows golden scene (also have white) , bouncy, big, continous, sweet, sweet, summary belt ferments rummily flavour, very goluptious. The method that make is immerse rice, oar of pan, wear, filter, ferment next, mix into some ripe Gorgon euryale, red pond liquefaction filters, mix into is in the rice starch that has made, add alkaline mix mature cake becomes divide evenly evaporate namely.

The restaurant of the bowl ear cake that Guiyang makes is very much, with cafeteria of spring of the four seasons is most, welcome by people.

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