Saddle noodle

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Village of saddle of town of new store of quiet town city produces " saddle noodle " , it is one party " cry noisily " special local product. "Saddle noodle " colour and lustre is good, do not stick soup, although boiled noodle is put the following day, also won't ropy. Because saddle noodle has better quality and mouthfeel, gained the favour of people very quickly. Market of as a result often out of stock. Face the development impetus that this values, the villager people buy the roll face equipment such as the mixer, machine that control an aspect, electromotor in succession, open the noodle mill that had oneself.

Now, the other people of face of whole village roll already amounted to many 20, average every everyday producible many jins 300, but still demand exceeds supply. Come from the pedlar of Guiyang, quiet town not less, wait for noodle " appear " with respect to scare buying one sky. A few people that will buy noodle on a special trip, often want to contact ability to buy ahead of schedule.

"Saddle noodle " have better reputation, wait for a reason subtly besides charge for the making of sth. outside, the spring of local pleasant cold, it is the main factor that brings up this one brand.

One party special local product, drove the development of one party economy. Now, saddle village already realized a closed-circuit television, phone and tap water, average per capita year income amounts to 2500 yuan, it is a renown accord with actually " comparatively well-off village " .  

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