Fish of flooey hot crackling

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Flooey chili is the famous dressing in Guizhou flavour food, fish of flooey hot crackling is one of traditional name dish in Guizhou flavour. Take a jin of bright carp of the left and right sides, after analyse is killed, beautiful knife is hit in piscine body both sides. Had matched the spice mix up such as egg, the seed powder of Gorgon euryale, salt to wipe go up in piscine body, put in the blast inside oily boiler to come golden. Take out a fish to be put dish inside, right amount oil takes inside boiler, put the braise bowl such as ginger, garlic. Fry the chicken broth, salt, candy, soy, flooey chili that has cooked divide evenly, add chopped green onion, the seed powder of Gorgon euryale to wait to drench on piscine body can. Fragile flesh of mec housing of this one food is fine, sleek kind of red, Xianxiang is goluptious, contain slightly acerbity, sweet, salty, small hot, its flavour is boundless.

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