Yellow stew hare

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Hare is the nutrient dish of a kind of high protein, yellow stew hare is a kind of welcome dish in Guizhou flavour.

Its make a method is decorticate hare after paunch eliminate is splanchnic, cut the flesh into the diamonds of a inch of square, use clear water bubble one hour, put boiled water to its blood water goes in boiler or go with wine its are wild fishy smell, its water puts filter into oily boiler to be fried slightly, wait for salt, soy, rock candy, green, ginger spice and broth to issue boiler to burn boil together, move to burn two hours to the stew on small fire again, make rabbit meat soft climb, choose a ginger, green. , put the meat dish in, put the juice inside boiler on conflagration to burn again, make soup juice concentrates, add gourmet powder to drench to hare on fleshy piece can.

The characteristic of yellow stew hare is palm of colour and lustre fizzles out, fragrance is full-bodied, fleshy piece is soft climb, nutrition is rich.

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