Use grasping gram noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch

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Gram pink, also call ground rice. Because its make a method differ, divide again for dish pink and boiler cake pink. Dish pink is a rice oar that has ground, dip is made into galvanized iron skin long square dish inside evaporate is ripe; Boiler cake pink is a rice oar dip the bake in a pan in the boiler that enter iron is ripe, after two sides all shapes into pink of boiler cake shape, all become banding collect. When eating, put powder into boiling water to iron heat, dip enters a bowl in, mix with whistle (hot chicken, ground meat, fragile chirp) wait for spice can. When pink of cake eating boiler, do whistle with mincing pickled Chinese cabbage especially, sapidder. Pink, it is the food with local masses indispensable on holidays, also be one of nowadays breakfast.

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