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Set out from Guiyang or An Shun, when visitting yellow fruiter fall, want to pass a town to could there be, pressing down peace is the producing area of wave wave candy.

Wave wave candy is the malt sugar that processes with polished glutinous rice and flay fry ripe sesame seed powder to be main raw material, be made through elaborate treatment and become. Add maltose lukewarm to 40 Celsius when, add sesame seed end, at this moment maltose can layer upon layer case crisp, in will remove crisp candy skin roll into oblate appearance, each white crisp sugar resembles the layer upon layer billows that spring breeze stroke swings, friend name is wave wave candy. Wave wave candy is raw material with maltose, maltose Qing Dynasty is sweet easy digest, the course is malt enzymatic action is dextrose changeably, enter blood directly, extremely rich nutrition, add sesame seed end, more sweet crisp, the entrance is changed namely, it is a kind of lad all the food of appropriate.

According to legend of wave wave candy is the Miao Zu palace is medium palace bit near town peace formerly, its make a method circulate later, through ceaseless treatment, just form today's wave wave candy.

Still circulating with wave wave candy expresses sympathy and solicitude for the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history uprises in masses of local Miao Zu, the Bouyei nationality, the Han nationality army fabulous.

1864, gold of Xi Zhengjun of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history imprints a transient town is peaceful, remove for every nationality people makings affliction. Carrying pole is a mountainous area people of the every nationality around wins to celebrate joyously and bring gift to with the county that press down peace uprise army, display in succession went up yellow " of Jin Mai of " of " silver-colored polished glutinous rice, " , the minority masses with collect battle, 6 remote and a mountainous area horses is displayed went up " of sweet sesame seed of " of a mountainous area special local product, their choose the every nationality delegate with deft heart, pass laborious of a few days of a few night to be moved with one's shoulder to collar, made Communist Labor University of crisp, fragile, sweet, sweet wave wave candy the home is shared. What wave wave candy makes is fabulous,

Wave wave candy is early famed at the world. Wave wave candy was welcomed 1979 on Guangzhou Fair by domestic and international personage, it already sold as far as to more than 20 countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia and area now. Contact visits the guest of yellow fruiter chute, always like to sample candy of wave of wave of local special local product, take relatives and friends of on a few gifts, because this presses down the statement of candy of peaceful wave wave the footmark as guests, pass to distance.
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