Beautiful river fries pink

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Beautiful river fries pink is the ground rice that produces with this locality piece, dissect becomes silk, be like the flat look noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch of chopstick degree of finish, fry plus the fierce anger such as green, garlic, tomato, gourmet powder with hot pepper of canister of lardy, lean lean, canister. Carry on when the desk need not bowl outfit, use Pan Cheng however. Lubricious delicacy is delicious, entrance classics is chewed, salty hot measurable, very goluptious. This kind of food is in beautiful river, in closing all alone, restaurant that always waits for a town rather, all have, it is other place did not hear the distinctive local color that sees hard fastfood.

This kind fries pink, it is to grinding the raw material when evaporate rice oar to make up in the right way. Beautiful river, close all alone to head the tricks of the trade that mastered this kind of tradition, so pink piece the muscle silk of vermicelli made from bean starch is especially nice, can boil oil to fry via water and become bar ceaselessly. This kind of pink piece vermicelli made from bean starch, can cold and dressed with sause and feed, flavour Yi Jimei.

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