Alone dish of hill hydrochloric acid

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Alone dish of hill hydrochloric acid, appellative " alone hill hydrochloric acid " , the flooey be soiled of the vegetable of a kind of special local product that is celebrated China and foreign countries is tasted. For the whole nation 8 big famous bloat one of dish, because originate in alone hill county, reason is before hydrochloric acid dish coronal name with place name. Its characteristic is: Acerbity, sweet, hot, salty, sweet, completely of the five flavors. Pink of a kind of main raw material is place distinctive green vegetables, rummy, hot pepper, garlic bolt and the head of garlic, salt, rock candy, liquor. Dish of one altar hydrochloric acid has red, have white, have yellow, lubricious delicacy is inviting; There is piquancy in the acid when eating, hot in have relaxed sweet ferry, sweet in have again salty. Fine fine taste have a kind of intense food sweet, wen Qingxiang, eat sweet fragile, ate to still want to eat. The person that can eat piquancy feels comfortable tastily, the person that cannot eat piquancy also feels its flavour is boundless. Dish of this kind of hydrochloric acid but maigre, also but meat or fish is fed, make the cooked food such as fish, flesh with it, can make dish more, delicious. Every has eaten alone the person of hill hydrochloric acid, be profuse in praise.

Alone dish of hill hydrochloric acid is produced the earliest only then Yu Ming is acting, be apart from the history that already had more than 300 years today. In those days is each are abstained feed oneself, also have gift to send a person, xu glow guest arrives alone hill, ever seek temporary lodging at farmhouse of the Bouyei nationality, master with " altar dish " (today hydrochloric acid dish) serve this geographical home, after he eats praise for top grade. Arrived quiet acting middle period, the ruler in palace eats fat and too much. Those who want to eat a dot not to have distinguishing feature is Lenten, give orders then pay intribute, from now on with " articles of tribute " entered royalty.

Old society because traffic is disadvantageous, sales volume is not large, there was flying development after liberating, produce hydrochloric acid food by farmhouse, cooperation and factory of hydrochloric acid dish, produce per year a quantity to already achieved 300 tons of above. The product is divided outside selling each district of past whole nation, each country of popular still Japan, United States, southeast Asia and area of HongKong and Macow, get of consumer love.

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