Spend river dog meat

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Meat of management dog of beautiful river town already had history of more than 100 years. Walk into beautiful Jiang Zhen, can see ave both sides bestrewed the SOHO of management dog meat. Beautiful river is to lead to promote justice thoroughfare, everyday 449 people are in this board and lodging, dog meat is these guests is special beautiful food. The dog meat that supplies everyday allegedly is in hundreds jins, want to kill 339 dogs everyday.

Meat of beautiful river dog gets so of people love, have 3 kinds of reason allegedly: It is dog meat can treat a disease firstly, have the function of step-down to hypertensive patient especially, weak to old body, effect of children enuresis disease is best. Average person winter ate dog meat to be able to increase quantity of heat, summer ate dog meat to be able to fall hot. Put oneself in another's position is strong person powerful body, body weak filling gas, the men and women is old young all appropriate. It is merchant kills a dog not to decorticate secondly, resemble killing iron wool with boiled water like the pig, go its are splanchnic, small fire earthenware pot is stewed slow. Water is one-time put sufficient, water is not added among, carry former boiling water, make the flesh sweet be stewed come out. The spice such as Nai of Chinese prickly ash, ginger, dried tangerine or orange peel, anise, hill should be put when stewing. It is thirdly, eat a law to pay attention to, cut the dog meat that has stewed into piece or piece, the outfit that use a bowl is good, the former dog broth that uses boiling hot develops a bowl inside, join Sui of ginger, chopped green onion, pepper, overgrown with weeds, gourmet powder to wait. Give a dish of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad chili water again, the edge dips in to eat by the side of, iron again hot Ma Youxiang, relaxed and goluptious, flavour is delicious. Buy a cup of beautiful wine again, more its are happy boundless.

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