Beans of abide by justice spends a face

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Fabaceous beautiful face is a kind of original creation of person of abide by justice. Noodle upper cover is worn the beans with snow-white posse is beautiful, noodle dip is in soya-bean milk.

The beans is beautiful, some places call water bean curd, the cellar water that is dot bean curd before using one deposits a few days of epigenesis to be acerbity soup. With this kind acerbity soup nods bean curd, make bean curd does not have the agonized flavour of gesso or bittern, more delicate than general bean curd, plunge into more closely than jellied bean curd.

The beans spends face olfactory stand or fall, the key is in fleshy tip. Quiet day last years of a dynasty or reign, fabaceous beautiful face is wait of a kind of element, the course is improved later, added fleshy end. Fleshy tip is to use pig hamstring flesh and chicken to cut diced meat, use squid and man of hot pickled mustard tuber next, mix on right amount sweet sauce, Hu Dou sauce, the miscella of reoccupy pork and rape oil half and half is fried ripe, add on a few sweet crisp pignut, put small bowl inside, again assist the flavor that waits with chili, soy, gourmet powder, green, ginger, fish, caraway. When eating, the tip that eat the meat dips in to be able to appreciate boundless gust inside the noodle of will big bowl.

Gust characteristic:
Soft Hua Shuang, hot fragrance is thick, gust is special, the name that is area of abide by justice is fastfood.

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