Brush a gangmaster

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Promote justice brush a gangmaster initiative Yu Qing is treated together year. Because its appearance is like civilian place,brush with bamboo get a name.

"Brush a gangmaster " do manual work is very careful, it is to work by hand completely; Burden choosing makings is very exquisite also. It is main material with flour, bamboo shoot, lean lean, egg. The process that make is to choose high grade bamboo shoot mincing, put the float in boiled water boiler 3 times two, reoccupy clear water is strong 5, 6, sweet smell gives with lardy boil after filter works. And the skin is to use purificatory flour, egg, salt, clear water is moved into, a jin of flour matchs 3 eggs. Rub becomes small a round mass of food, again if paper is chip,roll is become. Bag " brush a gangmaster " very interesting, cut with a pair fine nibbed chopstick chop mixing the lean lean of spice is carried a few put on face skin, the bamboo that has machined is put again on the flesh, hold approach with the hand next, big neck is fine by the appearance of finished product, topmost irregular. Fierce anger evaporate 56 minutes, ripe after " brush a gangmaster " than thumb slightly big, weak butter is bright, fetching appetite. With chicken broth, the add such as peppery face, soy, chopped green onion, gourmet powder becomes oily dip dip in water, delicious and clinking.

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