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Alvine flourishing face

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The gust with Guiyang famous area is fastfood, already had history of more than 100 years. According to legend is surnamed for revive businessmen initiate. The egg that because fasten flourishing of blood of pig's large intestines having a pig, pig to make,covers a range is artificial noodle, friend name " alvine flourishing face " . Makings of choose of alvine flourishing face is strict, the fastidious that make, a bowl of noodle, its advocate contest of makings, burden more than 20 kinds. When making, noodle should be passed " 3 break up 4 build 9 to cut " , delicacy is like silks and satins; Pig's large intestines adds salt, vinegar to relapse rub is washed, cook over a slow fire of green of Nai of Chinese prickly ash, hill, anise, dot, slow fire is added to stew after solving a knife. The course machines made alvine flourishing range subtly, shangse is bright red, noodle is fine fragile, hot and not fierce, oily and not be bored with, when eating strong point glibly, the aftertaste after eating is long, love by masses.

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