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Pomegranate coils

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It is Guiyang famous and fastfood one of, because of appearance very the elephant is brushed, friend says again " brush a gangmaster " . Pomegranate coils choose side of good essence of life, lotus leaf form is submitted all round, pork, Xianggu mushroom, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, dried, gourmet powder, chopped green onion, peppery, salt, sauce is used on the bag etc make core stuffing, hold with the hand brush a shape, upside not heal, go up basket evaporate after 5 minutes, sprinkle cold water, again evaporate very become namely. Pomegranate coils the shell is beautiful, edge mouth shows white, bottom is shown virescent, face skin is sweet soft, core stuffing taste is little, very goluptious. 1984. The pomegranate that place of building of Guiyang city service makes coils have the honor to win Guiyang city " outstanding gust is fastfood " title.

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