2008 Nanning food festival of first water market kicks off

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In Nanning of new Guangxi net on April 27 report (continuous heavy rain of reporter land animal farm) by what government of people of countryside pond division sponsors Nanning city on the west " 2008 Nanning food festival of first water market " the opening ceremony is held 26 days in square of the people's livelihood, feed a section to come continuously on May 3. City of Nanning of the Communist Party of China on the west countryside pond area appoint the official of 4 old team such as Liao Junyun of warden of government of clerical Lv Jie, people attends an opening ceremony and deliver a speech, announce food festival to kick off.

As we have learned, nanning is cate heaven, and the cate of Nanning water market of cate heaven is to provide representative Nanning tradition cate most, the tradition of water market is fastfood, famouser have a few kinds. In these breed, what have more than 100 years of histories not only is fastfood, the tradition that still has distinctive handicraft is fastfood; Water market is those who filling the history and narrative is street, this street li of be pregnant with culture of distinctive water market cate.

According to introducing, food festival of this water market, with making water market 10 big cate are chosen, grand ceremony of music of campus of Jiang Zhibin of another name for Nanning activity of two big themes. Be chosen through the network and evaluate the kind that commission posture ties, choose gave the most welcome day to be extracted inherently definitely ground rice, pleased lake of hemp of Gong Zhi of dumpling of shrimp flavour complete flesh, sunshine " water market 10 names are fastfood " . The key makes culture of water market cate " water market cate " cate of cate of characteristic of place of Guangxi of brand, assemble, be in harmony, culture, travel, recreational recreation is an organic whole, have the aid of " water market cate " conventional force, found " water market food festival " independent brand, promote culture of water market cate further; Through another name for Nanning grand ceremony of music of Jiang Zhibin campus founds the campus music great event that Nanning has force most.

"Manage day and night " the one large window that is food festival of current water market. Section period is equal to 16 days 8 days! The businessman is glad, the tourist enjoys cate to the top of one's bent, it is Nanning 51 during happy regale! Passionate music, cate beautiful wine, build relative standard station into happy ocean; Let come here section tourist big full the luck to eat sth delicious, the good luck of seeing sth rare.

According to divulging, water market food festival is on the west important year food festival celebrates countryside pond area activity, this year is the first, hold every year regularly later.

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