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A few days ago, press conference of food festival of travel of international of southeast Asia of 2008 Nanning • is held in municipal government assembly room. Zhou Yi of municipal government deputy secretary-general helps an introduction. Two meetings attended the meeting about the branch.
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Be in the 5th China - east during alliance exposition, with " promote China cate culture, make cate Nanning " the international of southeast Asia of 2008 Nanning • that gives priority to a problem travels food festival will be in on October 26 at will coming on October 18 old market of city of another name for Nanning of Changjiang Delta area is held ceremoniously. This is this year grand meeting of bound of Nanning meal cate, will attract ginseng of enterprise of meal of area inside and outside to exhibit, and assemble east the characteristic name of the country such as alliance and Korea, Japan eats, nanning citizen hopeful samples excellent " cate regale " .
Southeast Asia cate assembles in city of another name for Nanning
This second activity content basically is divided for commodity of opening ceremony, cate promotion is on sale and arena is literary performance 3 big board piece. The spot sets 150 to exhibit in all, cent is east alliance cate exhibits cate of area, China to exhibit cate of area, this locality to exhibit area and travel commodity to exhibit an area 4 exhibit an area greatly.
Among them, alliance cate exhibits an area east basically is east the cate of alliance each country (gust is fastfood) show a region. Should exhibit an area to regard the fascia of this activity as area, assemble east dot of the well-known tea of alliance each country, name, gust is fastfood, be like Indonesian 7 colour can dance the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of scale fish, Malaysia is not had inside skin of soya-bean milk of smelt of ice-cream, Thailand, river etc.
China cate exhibits area assemble of domestic each district all sorts of fastfood, act according to for food festival on native land cate culture big food. Nearly more than 200 kinds of characteristic that exhibit each district of whole nation of area general assemble are fastfood reach ripe food, pay no attention to chicken of Yu Xie of steamed stuffed bun, palace to wait like dog of strong-smelling preserved bean curd of big China deepfry, Tianjin, body reveals the culture characteristic of meal of motherland each district, let join the person that meet to taste the characteristic cate of each district of savor whole nation during food festival, at the same time understanding and the cate culture that experience each district reach folk-custom amorous feelings.
This locality cate exhibits an area to exhibit an area as native land cate, basically emphasize Guangxi and Nanning what commodity of each county area reachs cate is special reveal, include Bin Yang acerbity pink, Jing Xi is acerbity the pink of spiral shell of wild, Liuzhou local color that has native land distinguishing feature is fastfood.
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