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    occupies message of Hong Kong big bulletin, center of safety of Hong Kong food is announced yesterday new one round suckle kind of trade catalogue to detect 3 get together the result of cyanogen amine, those who discover product of two Ji Baili 3 get together 2.5/1000000 what cyanogen amine content exceeds legal upper limit, among them a pontoon exceeding bid is fourfold. The center predicts to will be obtained today detect the product of the result, include food of oil of milk powder, soya-bean milk, cheese, ox, freezing desert, baby, biscuit, Qu Ji, grandma and avoid cheap.

The report says, hong Kong feeds those who install a center to be obtained yesterday to detect the result shows, 104 in suckling kind of trade catalogue, have two sample book unqualified. Detect the product includes milk powder, medical treatment to use nutrient replenishers, freezing desert, Zhuguli, grandma kind dot of bag of drink, cake, Chinese style and avoid cheap soup. Product of mark of two check favorable balance of trade is Ji Baili respectively Ren Niu of sweet fragile hazel suckles chocolate of milk of sweet crisp Qu Ji and Ji Baili chocolate, both all install in great quantities for 5 kilograms.

Ren Niu of sweet fragile hazel suckles Ji Baili of chocolate 3 get together cyanogen amine content is 56/1000000, 2.5/1000000 of legaller upper limit, exceed pontoon fourfold; Another Ji Baili is sweet chocolate of milk of crisp Qu Ji 3 get together cyanogen amine content is 6.9/1000000, exceed bid 1.76 times.

Central spokesman says food safety, 11 Zhuguli that there is carry out in this harbor reclaim before trader of entrance of Ji Baili brand is earlier product, central follow-up is investigated, obtain in market among them two products undertake detecting, enter the mouth ever since business provides additionally 7 example to the center, involve 6 products to make investigation reach detect, except two when announce yesterday unqualified outside reaching an eligible product, the others detects 5 times eligible product already at earlier before announce. The rest of 3 products, entrance business already did not have goods in stock, and the center also did not discover market has carry out.

Entrance business already reclaimed product

Center of safety of Hong Kong food already informed industry is concerned detect result, and entrance business already also will reclaim on September 29 related goods. Center already post a letter warns entrance dealer, if have enough evidence, the center will put forward check to accuse.

The spokesman says, be gone out to contain the Ji Baili of 56/1000000 by check Ren Niu of sweet fragile hazel suckles chocolate example, be like 10 kilograms (about 3 years old) young child everyday edible makes an appointment with 57.1 grams (about 9.5 small) concerned Zhuguli, or a weight 60 kilograms adult everyday edible makes an appointment with 675 grams (about 112.5 small) related goods, get together thirdly cyanogen amine intake can amount to safe and referenced value. The spokesman expresses, with respect to the content that check gives, proposal citizen stops edible to concern provision.
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