Appreciate ancient town amorous feelings 2008 Shanghai Na Xiang is small basket

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    9 month 28 days morning, as double door of street of characteristic of Na Xiang old name slowly open, 2008 Shanghai Na Xiang is small basket culture is exhibited pulled open heavy curtain formally also.
Perform in joyful awe-inspiring gong and drum and lively dance lion in, the golden key with district leader will idiosyncratic Xxx inserts the chamfer that start inside, the veil with mysterious street of old name characteristic slowly open, antique old street new film is shown before everybody gradually.  
Xxx of leader of Xxxx of     district leader, town attend an opening ceremony, in X of the Changjiang Delta woman that wears a cheongsam lead ginseng, stepped old market together with broad tourist look for itinerary. City, area, town leads the characteristic business store that enjoys edge market at the same time, appreciate ancient town at the same time 1500 old air, included history is accumulated, still walk into the Na Xiang that is located in date of old street Xx inside restaurant, in spirits ground sampled reeky Na Xiang is small basket.
Opening ceremony that day, be located in the Na Xiang old street inside groove guard of scene of history of Na Xiang double tower to diffusing the festival of dense is festival atmosphere, the bright red lantern that the road playing style of massiness, unified adornment hangs style, high, flying banner, inviting small feed, enthusiastic inn-keeper, all without exception welcomes to come from the expensive guest of all corners of the land. "Big prosperous is become " , " Bao Kang a shop making and selling sauce " , " assist remember silken cloth store " wait for tens of homes hundred years old name is after the wind storm rain that passed a century, brand-new also appear, be the same as shop of other and numerous old name one case emersion more than 100 years of Qian Naxiang old streets " Yin Naxiang " commercial characteristic of prosperity.
Dragon boat festival is in raft be held in Pu He " dragon boat boatrace " the custom that ever was Fu Jixiang of pray of Na Xiang's person. On the opening ceremony, the throughout the country's smallest dragon boat appears on old street to raft Pu He, those who attracted numerous tourist stop appreciation. Noisy and confused of voice of either end of a bridge of peace and tranquility, in the acclamation of the audience and hubbub, hang full colored flag " confuse your dragon boat " in raft move back and forth back and forth in Pu He, make the scenery line that the opening ceremony flowed together that day.
2008 Shanghai Na Xiang is small basket culture exhibits Shi Fengguo to celebrate 59 years, come from September 28 on October 8, last a period of time 11 days. This year small basket culture is exhibited, divide follow " small basket, let the life more flavor " outside the theme, be located in surely make ancient town Na Xiang is small basket culture industry " sea manner and air, vogue, brand " new landscape. "Recall see today erstwhile " look for street of characteristic of activity, old name to open street ceremony, Na Xiang Gu Zhenwen changes a series of books to issue ceremony and books and periodicals of Xin Huashu inn to sell meeting, Na Xiang opera temple fair, 2008 Shanghai especially Na Xiang invests a height, devote oneself to to pass " small basket " this one carrier, conduct propaganda recommends culture of history of Na Xiang chiliad, advance Na Xiang contemporary service line of business grows, make " Yin Naxiang " century calling card.
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