Rice is aromatic soft goluptious " 5 measure "

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Wash rice. Use water pan Mi Qianxian to collect the impurity such as scree, sand. Clean out rice to want to use cold water, do not use hot water. Water consumption and pan frequency should decrease as far as possible, it is with the impurity such as eliminate rice bran degree, do not exert oneself to do sth. rub or excessive agitate, the water that wash rice should fall very quickly, because a few dissolve are contained in rice,mix at the vitamin of water inorganic salt, much more naughty can make the nutrient composition of surface layer follows water prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Immerse. Just washed good rice, boiler leaves on unfavorable horse, can add 10-15 of bubble of right amount leach according to experience minute. Because the construction of rice is tight, water adsorption and permeate li of layer to need longer, the grain of rice that the grain of rice that thoroughlies cook dip to go up goes up than doing not have dip more when the province, and dip goes up be heated of inside and outside of grain of rice is even, rice is aromatic soft goluptious.

Cook. Cook unfavorable with cold water, boiling water cooks not only can shorten cook time, managing the sources of energy, still but better land saves the nutrient part in rice.

Stew meal. The meal has been boiled instantly edible, mouthfeel will be poorer, because this wants the rice that will thoroughly cook again stew, make moisture can distribute equably it is among grain of rice. If be to use electric meal Bao to cook, heat preservation answers 10 minutes to press switch is boiled the 2nd times again after it is good to be boiled in the meal, boiler still cannot be opened to build instantly after been boil the 2nd times, should again stew 5 to 10 minutes, such rice will be more goluptious.

Carry a pine. Cook good one boiler meal, each place flavour is met somewhat difference, mix the meal adequately because of answering before this edible divide evenly, make redundant hydrosphere is mixing in moving, evaporate, make a meal inattentive and delicious.

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