Attention! Do dish to cannot put green ginger garlic in disorder

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A Qiu Yu cold, weather gradually cool, "Stick autumn fat " when arrived, people begins to considering eat a fish to eat the meat, for winter deposit energy. Respecting does a fish to make the pork, have to mention any of several hot spice plants of green ginger garlic makings of this 4 major key. Common says " flavor 4 gentleman " these 4 kinds of condiment, came 100000 by the Chinese clinking praise highly, naturally has its extraordinary effect.

"Do the flesh to want to put any of several hot spice plants of green ginger garlic, because,be no matter gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress, metropolis grow be bored with, and the common characteristic of these 4 kinds of condiment is Xin Wen, appetizing reconcile be bored with. " Zhou Jian of associate professor of college of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science tells a reporter. Specific to every kinds of condiment, have its different characteristic severally again: Green can connect in relief, diverge, go smelling of fish or mutton, jiang Nengnuan stomach, remove raw meat or fish, garlic has the effect with antiseptic disinfection, criterion of Chinese prickly ash can be lukewarm in gas. Although be tepid content, these 4 kinds of condiment also can join course in summer, week frugal explanation says, prevent cold cool the thing that is Qiu Dong not just, although summer also can have cold, any of several hot spice plants of garlic of ginger eating green can be prevented cold cool too over- .

How should be any of several hot spice plants of garlic of ginger of the green when making food put after all? Medicine of China traditional Chinese medical science learned M.d. Zhuang Qianzhu to make meticulous introduction.

The flesh with the heavy gas of the smell of mutton such as flesh of flocks and herds kind, do not forget to put Chinese prickly ash when cook. Boil flesh of flocks and herds like Bai Shui, chinese prickly ash must be put, can carry delicacy, go the smell of mutton.

Do a fish to want to put ginger more. Fish, cold sex is big, such hot sex material comes to need ginger adjust. Resemble steaming a fish, want to have Jiang Si; Eat crab, should dip in vinegar and Jiang Mo. In addition, shellfish (wait like snail, mussel, crab) wait for the seafood cook time with cold great sex to also should put some of ginger.

Green can be strong in relief, carry aroma, go peculiar smell, when making the vegetable with a few cold big sexes, can put green to come more cook, can have the effect of alleviation taste. Wait like bud of wild rice stem, Bai Luobo, gram.

Garlic can render palatable, and have disinfection, antiseptic effect, the flesh with big peculiar smell kind be like soft-shelled turtle, must put garlic. What is appropriate to the occasion of cooking chicken, duck, goose puts garlic more, have the effect that reduces cholesterol, stimulative alimentation.

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