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Be in England, without hot not joyous people had new gourmet's luck again now, the most large-scale supermarket buys England especially easily to sell Duosaitenajia external recently chili, had been maintained to be by association of trade of makings of American sweet laborious " the hottest chili on the world " . What the reporter is in London place is especially easy buy a supermarket to see, this kind of bright red small chili had placed goods shelves, every bags of 10 grams, the price is 89 penny. Although small chili price is not expensive, but be tasted easily however,do not get, because of the description according to British media, even if the person with hot love is tasted much also meet " the head hot drop " .     " Duosaitenajia " the name of chili is taken from the absurd virgin soil at it, the Mi Qiaode's couple that breeds this kind of chili sends sample of a chili association of American flavor trade to be set in the lab of new York, in order to examine its " hot degree " . Result unexpected, the Mexico of account of place of encyclopedia of record of world of Nisi of auspicious of this kind of chili comparing " Shaweinaaibuerneiluo chili " even hot 60% . This kind of chili that cannot use direct feeling even became British star immediately below the attention of media, can eat hot Englishman be attracted more very much want to taste a delicacy, the person that because this is in the supermarket,buys also is absent a few. Mrs. Mi Qiaode says: "I won't have this kind of thing, but some people can like for certain. " the client says to the reporter, they buy majority is one man dot is cut to fry when having a meal should match dish to eat, or it is souse rises make it cole slowly edible. In Mao Si of Bern of England south city an India cafeteria holds the position of the Akeda of chef to say, touch had touched chili of class of this kind of killer to cut dish chopping block must abluent. Otherwise this piece of chopping block touchs has touched food to also be met piquancy is dye-in-the-wood.  

Suddenly dietetics home Dr. Er of London university says, to most person now and then chili taking a place still has profit to the body, because rich vitamin C, β is contained in bright chili, carotene, folic acid, magnesium and Potassium; The chili element in chili is had fight phlogistic reach fight oxidation, conduce to reduce heart disease, tumour and the chronic risk that a few grow along with the age and appear.

And be in England at present, the number that likes edible chili also shows growth trend. The Englishman was as high as 9 million pound in the consumptive amount that takes chili side last year. No matter be this kind of acrimony and clinking super chili,still be general chili nevertheless, ought not to cross much edible, because of chili especially the chili with this kind of overweight piquancy is exciting to the intestines and stomach inside human body too too acuteness. Have heat disease of disease of venereal, ulcer, chronic stomach bowel, haemorrhoid, dermatitis, n/med tuberculosis, chronic bronchitic the person that reachs the disease such as hypertension, chili of more unfavorable and many edible. Lath lath is unfavorable also have chili more, if eat chili to be able to make hyperaemia of ministry of suffering of pharynx doing, mouth, eye, top-heavy, be agitated irritable not only more,wait for semiotic accentuation, and cause haemorrhage, allergy and inflammation easily.
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