The soup of millet rice seafood of moist skin

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Heat of phlogistic Xia Qiu makes people skin dark, clear sweet taste of soup of millet rice seafood is beautiful, constant drink but moist skin. This soup nutrition is rich, during the lady reduces weight, bring about because of be on a diet hidebound or anorexia, drinkable this soup can reduce weight can assure nutrition supply again already. At the same time this soup is cooked convenient, suit the lady that the kitchen enters first very much. Su Mifu contains natural vitamin E, constant drink can be moist skin, defer consenescence. And seafood by raise the composition such as the fresh shrimp meat with stronger negative, little band, grouper flesh, nutrition is rich.

Material: Fresh shrimp meat, little band each 100 grams, grouper flesh 200 grams, potted Su Mi makes an appointment with 1 / 2 canister, dried mushrooms 4, ginger 2.

Cook: Bright shrimp hull, head, abluent, air water, keep refrigerator inside 2 hours; Little band, grouper flesh is abluent, air water, cut graininess; Dried mushrooms goes the base of a fruit, wen Shui immerses, cut bead. Huo having oil explodes sweet ginger, next dried mushrooms move round a bit fry, splash wine of a few carry on, enter the water 1250 milliliter (5 bowls of quantities) , after high heat scram, issue seafood and Su Mi, roll boil to come firm ripe, transfer into right amount salt, oily but. This quantity can be used for 3~4 person.

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