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    begins salary collective to negotiate bilateral to safeguarding labor to concern legitimate rights and interests. The harmony that stimulative labor concerns and stability are having main effect. But meal industry begins salary collective to negotiate the job to still be in primary level, main reason has:
It is personnel fluidity big. Meal industry majority is individual manage, differ to a few people from a few people mostly from personnel of course of study, personnel fluidity is great, bring about lack and enterprise collective to negotiate the turn of salary.
2 it is personnel quality uneven. Meal industry from majority of personnel of course of study culture level is not high, together with comes out from the country more, had not sufferred professional training, often can be engaged in a few simple work only, once put forward the psychology that salary asked to exceed a boss anticipates, be dismissed possibly. The lack of inferior culture quality and professional skill decided from personnel of course of study incommensurate negotiate salary with boss collective.
3 it is legal consciousness not tall. " labor contract law > carry out, company of certain meal estate just has a bit knowledge to labor contract, but what often study is how to avoid is punished and check, install an obstacle to set provision of Xiang Yu the Conqueror even artificially in signing contract process, bring about the imparity with right of employ both sides and new obligation. And a few meal also are not worth to this understanding from personnel of course of study, still think the autograph does not sign labor contract same, have more very person do not be willing to sign labor contract with the boss, think to take money less or manacle oneself. Inferior legal consciousness makes do not wish to negotiate salary with boss collective from personnel of course of study.
4 it is origanization construction diseased. If industry of meal of big bamboo county did not have to establish labor organization, whole meal industry also does not have guild and association labor organization. Enterprise of each meal enterprises and every meal from personnel of course of study it is to each does things in his own way, the right puts employ both sides in imparity, when be being complained to concerned branch, be damaged from personnel of course of study in legitimate rights and interests also is stragglers and disbanded soldiers only, lack organizes force.
Solve meal industry to carry out salary collective to arrange the issue that the mechanism exists, should fulfill labor organization to be in lawfully defend a member the action in legitimate rights and interests. It is aggrandizement member vocational training. Should organize according to meal industry characteristic a few groom class, if hutch art grooms, tackle key problem formal groom, meal management grooms etc, improve the oneself quality from personnel of course of study thereby, enhance the working ability from personnel of course of study. Advocate worker honesty be as good as one's word actively at the same time, enhance credit consciousness of the worker, raise professional morality of the worker. 2 it is aggrandizement insider law grooms. Through holding legal laws and regulations regularly knowledge grooms class, begin contest of knowledge of plan of law of commonly used law to wait for means to raise the legal consciousness from personnel of course of study. 3 it is aggrandizement meal operator grooms. Directive meal management person the study that strengthens pair of countries to concern legal laws and regulations and policy. Perform the social duty of the enterprise lawfully. Strengthen what fulfill circumstance of salary collective agreement to the enterprise to supervise, sincere letter system builds stimulative business, make an enterprise be managed lawfully, honest be as good as one's word. 4 it is authority of aggrandizement member dimension. Produce the effect of basic level labour union adequately, understand in time and master the opinion that allocates a respect to salary from personnel of course of study and proposal; Strengthen concerned salary to distribute theory and policy research, enhance labour union cadre to share the capacity that salary collective negotiates; Raise what talk things over from collective of salary of personnel of course of study to participate in degree, strengthen what collective to salary agreement fulfills a circumstance to supervise, safeguard a worker to participate in salary allocation and the rights and interests that achieve work reward lawfully.
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