The practice of beer carbonado

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Material: Drumstick (3, 460 grams) , beer (1 canister, 355ml) , Xian Dongsun (100 grams) , Gong Caijiao (1) , green (2)

Condiment: Oil (2 spoon) , gallinaceous pink (1/2 spoon) , white sugar (1/4 spoon) , Hai Tianhai bright soy (2 spoon) , salt (1/3 spoon) , unripe pink (1/2 spoon)

1 drumstick is abluent, behead becomes lump; 1/2 spoon unripe pink and attune of 3 spoon clear water become unripe pink water.

2 winter bamboo shoots are abluent cut chip; Gong Caijiao goes the base of a fruit and seed, cut hob piece, green is cut paragraph.

3 burn heat 2 spoon are oily, fry sweet green paragraph, fry quickly into drumstick flesh conflagration become angry to the flesh.

4 enter winter bamboo shoots piece mix fry even, divide evenly of agitate of 1 canister beer boils infuse to boiling.

5 join Hai Tianhai of white sugar of spoon of pink of 1/2 spoon chicken, 1/4, 2 spoon salt of spoon of bright soy, 1/3 flavors, build conflagration boil, add of make down fire boils 10 minutes.

6 enter red any of several hot spice plants piece fry divide evenly, open conflagration to close to Shang Zhijin to work, irrigate unripe pink water to tick off Gorgon euryale, can have pot.


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