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    is almost annual concessionary join in on congress, interlinking the ginseng of meal enterprise to exhibit an amount is most, course of study of meal of our country chain is in all the time maintaining high speed development. Nevertheless, an investigation showed a few days ago, our country interlinks the development of meal enterprise to facing a challenge, among them talent resource deficient is the difficulty that company place must face most meal.
Manpower resource shorts
By Chinese chain management association releases this " findings report of trend of strategy of development of estate of meal of 2008 China chain " show, difficulty of rising, standardization made manpower resource deficient, management cost greatly the 3 big obstacles that at present our country interlinks meal enterprise.
Investigation shows, the main problem that in interlinking meal course of study to develop at present, faces includes manpower resource deficient, management cost difficulty of rising, standardization interior of big, industry is malign the problem such as shortage of competition, capital and policy support. Among them, scale of choice of manpower resource deficient is top, amount to 80% , upsurge to run cost next, for 60% , standardization difficulty is great, for 45% , form chain meal course of study to grow the 3 big challenges that face.
As we have learned, enterprise of our country meal is at present medium, manpower capital deficient basically is reflected in meal company clerk because pay is opposite inferior, in big city can employee of other place of invite applications for a job, stability is poor, the liquidity with high house Yizengjiapei example cost. In addition, outstanding chef demands exceeds supply in meal course of study, how the chef that hardship fosters him tarry also is not an easy thing. The 3rd, dimensions of chain meal enterprise expands to raise taller requirement to the quality of administrator, the chain government person with ability of high quality " hoard as a rare commodity " .
To this, guo Lijiu of chairman of Tianjin cooking association expresses, the talent that at present this city interlinks meal enterprise " not be general deficient " . According to investigation, what at present Tianjin interlinks the record of formal schooling of above of chef hold three-year institution of higher learning of meal course of study is insufficient still 3% , and chef and service personnel lack meal course of study to groom regularly, personnel fluidity is greater, "These problems affected the development that interlinks meal enterprise badly. " Guo Lijiu expresses so.
Management cost is rising
The 2nd barrier that brings a challenge to the enterprise is to manage cost to upsurge. Investigation shows, the enterprise of above of half the number (56% ) the 30 % above that raw material cost occupies operating costs, 83% be in labour force and chummage cost control with the enterprise of 72% 10%~20% . From the point of cost increase rate, think 10%~20% is most, ordinal for labour force, raw material, chummage, scale is respectively 53% , 52% with 32% . In addition, as the country of relevant law be perfected ceaselessly and execute the law of strength strengthen, the enterprise illuminates stamp pay taxes more and more normative. According to investigating statistic, even more 4 those who become by investigation enterprise revenue cost was % of 10 % ~20 than growing 2006 2007, additionally each nearly 3 grow 10 % or % of 20 % ~30 than 2006 into cost be receivinged by investigation business tax.
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