Acceptance of restaurant of a hunderd schools does not sell a bird food.

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The world 8 avian migrate in the course, old iron hill is among them. Annual autumn, 10 thousand thousands of birds should be in stop on the way for a rest of groove guard of nature of hill of anguine island old iron, this moment, also be pilfer hunt when the element is the most savage. Reporter yesterday from groove guard " protected bird informal discussion Summer 2008 " on understanding arrives, the many branches such as environmental protection, industrial and commercial, forestry, public security, army this year will " act jointly " , ensure precious is rare avian and safe pass through the territory of a country, relevant section expresses, serious to the clue pilfer hunt person, will investigate criminal duty stoutly.

Pilfer hunt person fowling means is multifarious

Enjoy high reputation on the world " inn of bird of old iron hill " , avian take the throughout the country about avian 20% of kind of number, take northeast avian 50% of kind of number, one class protects the country avian have 9 kinds, 2 class protection is avian have 45 kinds, among them, 82 kinds of bird of prey of countrywide, occupy here near half.

Substantial avian natural resources is the pride of old iron hill all the time, also be at the same time most headaching thing. Annual the peak season that autumn migrant migrates, bird of a few pilfer person use migrant to be here the opportunity of midway stop on the way for a rest, catch through the net, hunt is caught wait for means, cruel ground is caught kill, traffic, it is even in city of restaurant, bird, somebody seeks profit with the bird, the bird that gives Laotie mountain group bring great menace.

Groove guard of hill of anguine island old iron discloses, begin from September, a few migrant fly to here in succession, will arrive on September 20 October 20 is the fastigium that migrant migrates, also be to protect when the bird is the busiest, but with pilfer hunt person argue, can last to December all the time. Now, one fraction pilfer hunt person had begun the operation, basis in last few years experience, these people often are the gang commits the crime, they use the modern tool such as mobile phone, car, division of labor is clear, have stand sentry, have cast the net, have carry.

Pilfer hunt person fowling means is multifarious, catch with large network by day, illuminate with the lamp in the evening catch, before dawn is caught with broach net. The personnel that protect a bird introduces, these net some are fine if send silk, hang on the flight line of migrant, cost of a piece of net is extremely low, only 10 yuan or so, net of local person wall, lose swing net, card net, the bird should be built only on, escape hard adversity. And evening headlight is illuminated, bird because of suffocate suffocate of line of sight, cannot move, good gracious capture.

According to statistic, only 2007, groove guard captured all sorts of nets to provide 22 thousand, administration punished 800 people, turn over public security mechanism to sentence one person.
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