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According to Anhui market newspaper report is entered oneself since summer, provincial capital weather is heated up gradually, people is willing to cook breakfast in the home not quite, go into the street commonly go buying breakfast, and food is delicate with each passing day also. The reporter visited the inn of a few breakfast of provincial capital and booth site recently, discover many citizens are buying breakfast, inn-keeper can achieve taller sale in the summer thereby to grip this market, also act in succession, roll out breakfast of of all kinds characteristic to satisfy citizen requirement.

A sells each show one's skill

Reporter yesterday 7 when when arriving at Mei Shan Lu Yicheng to include store, already many citizen platoons removed cue, not little bicycle and autocycle also stopped outside the door. The characteristic of cake inn breakfast of golden camp road is bright, chocolate cake, dried meat floss coils, the food such as glacial congee. The breakfast of breakfast car is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, unified make, deserve to send, wholesome degree compared dot of booth of going from place to place to go up a big steps leading up to a house. Flow spreads out the dot also unwillings to lag behind, hit " guerrilla tactics " , obtained in the market with agile management " position " .

B college town is far from competition

It is intense market competition at the same time, and the additionally a few places in provincial capital, form bright contrast with this however. Because the college has a holiday, great majority student has come home, the inn of a few breakfast of college town encountered holiday " desolate " . The breakfast inn of the 9 dragon business street outside Anhui university new campus at ordinary times very lively, and only a few pedestrians come now patronage, the booth of going from place to place of outside school is nodded also " disappear without trace " ; Construction of whole sealing of the road in the closest the Yangtse River, because traffic is disadvantageous, make inn of the cake inn around, steamed stuffed bun also relatively cold and cheerless. As a result of external condition, make the sale of these local breakfast inn arrived " freezing point " .

C each businessman is energetic " prepare for war "

According to concerning sectional introduction, hefei urban district often lived 2008 population is 2.209 million. Hypothesis summer has 2/5 citizen outer have breakfast, and consume 2 yuan on average each, hefei breakfast market can be achieved everyday receive many yuan 170, summertime sale will exceed 100 million. In a such huge markets, each breakfast businessman wants to be able to acquire position, businessmen are energetic " prepare for war " , go out in succession action, the employee before dawn of inn of a few breakfast 4: 00 get up, "Urgent action " drive make all sorts of breakfast. "If be not done good ahead of schedule, etc redo had not enough time when the citizen is much. " the teach of employee Zhang Shi of inn of a breakfast says collect brook way. Dot of booth of going from place to place is seen in the everywhere in a few lane, a flow spreads out the boss of the dot tells a reporter, he has come near fourth home alley at 45 o'clock in the morning. Not only such, businessmen still rolled out breakfast of of all kinds characteristic, cater to citizen taste
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