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China entered phase of a special prosperity in new century, economy grows at full speed, trading business volume and foreign exchange reserve increase ceaselessly, position of international leading role also got promotion. All these positive factors will be in 2008 as Beijing Olympic Games kick off and reach peak, but these glitter nod and cannot mask a few otherer the issue that makes a person anxious: Show an ancient nationality in China to mire billows of ⑹ of Α of foot of divide evenly brightness oranges red deceive of ⒛ of field of Ь of harmonious of vulgar of goody of  younger sister health angry  calls Liao of collect of Zong bang qualitative level ground  bilks collect swim  of Duo look forward to seeks? of field of fat of act of Φ of  of  of discharge washing with watercolors

Institute of negotiable securities of the East China Sea and combination of Chinese people university publish a report to say, 2008 year of increase rate of Chinese economy will achieve 10.4% , under calculate a number at first, natural disaster and tight political situation are to urge a government key is low governmental inside and outside because. The report predicts, the favorable balance of trade this year also will decrease somewhat. World bank also forecasts sort out aid of China to grow speed to be able to put delay, think although Sichuan earthquake causes significant loss, but finite to the influence of macroscopical economy, inflation just is the number one difficult problem that puzzles China.

May, inflationary rate is achieved 7.7% , governmental target is the inflation this year rate control is in 4.8% less than, so far, this one goal comes true impossibly it seems that. What commissariat rises in price to be considered as to cause inflationary rate house not to fall high is main strand formerly. On the other hand, the pressure that raw material rises in price also asks the government implements relatively constrictive monetary policy, take balance step, reduce benzine and standard of electric power equivalence to rise the influence to consumer.

Official of national statistic bureau is being accepted when calling in, point out, chinese economy may have been entered adjust cycle, rate of Chinese economy growth will be progressively in the near future fall after a rise. He admits inflationary situation of China is grimmer 2008, if do not cause height to take seriously, chinese economy will face enormous pressure.

Of food price and life cost rise created heavy pressure, caused social dissatisfaction.

Notable is, food price is mixed in impoverished family in the place in producing estate family budget occupies scale to be in 30% above. It is with main provision rice of the Chinese exemple, today rice price had risen since the beginning of the year 60% , the government is faint however shade stops the development of this one trend. China comes to those who reply the price rise with long-term autarky policy. Be in the China with person much little ground, provisionment is an important matter of the government, but city of invade of quantity of rural labor muscularity searchs better obtain employment chance, the city is changed, the development that industrialization and desert change causes arable land to decrease increasingly, these elements set a barrier for governmental job. The addition of the governmental spending that is used at rural development (achieved 2007 30% ) can't solve real problem it seems that.
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