Zhang Meilin: Plant in edible bacterium profession next a ready source of money

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"This morning, shandong client sends an incoming letter to cease, want me to send sample first. Do not look now is edible bacterium is bred off-season, here everyday very busy, those who rush money, the phone one after another that views specimen. " on July 13 morning, day of heart clear county farming cooperation of edible bacterium major, promote farming Zhang Meilin of controller of edible bacterium field says.

Zhang Meilin of 49 years old is me the edible bacterium that the county has name quite is cultivated door. Innovate through exploration of 24 years, he already became the expert expert of this one profession, the road that its struggle has edificatory sense to very much poineering personage.

Bacterium of fill heart clear edible breeds blank " it is difficult to sell " problem within an inch of Koes him

1984, as De Qing the county breeds the farmer of edible bacterium the first times, zhang Meilin begins to be in home town -- village of Kang Zhenmu bridge plants fierce smooth stay of proceedings.

In edible bacterium domain, there are Xianggu mushroom and dawdle to appear on the market all the time on virtue quiet market, but come from an other place entirely: Xianggu mushroom is this province is celebrated yuan, how huge rock produces, new worry is the special local product of Fujian Xiamen. Zhang Meilin is the high school graduate of the village, brain loose. He thinks: Others can breed edible bacterium, why am I no good? The bacterium that looked at the Zhang Meilin that allows this business chance to do 10 square metre is planted room, breed market new breed technically to make the same score stay of proceedings.

Below the master's guidance, smooth stay of proceedings of Zhang Meilin arrived to appear on the market eventually seasonal. Letting what he did not think of is, there is a client before stall, many people feel this kind of thing may be poisonous. No matter how Zhang Meilin explains, everybody or the eye with use a kind strange view his smooth stay of proceedings.

The master's occurrence makes Zhang Meilin no longer awkward. "The master is the person that takes my elementary course, also be the first my client. He bought smooth stay of proceedings to come home do dish to eat, do not have accident happening of course. Slowly, my smooth stay of proceedings opened market in the market. " Zhang Meilin is laughing to say.

10 years when rose 1984, it is the period that bacterium of De Qing edible breeds the market to develop steadily. Like visitting each district completely together, bacterium farming also shows the edible of heart clear county the situation of blossom everywhere. Await in those days, zhang Meilin attends the major that courtyard of province farming division organizes to groom for many times, edible bacterium breeds a technology to progress increasingly, oneself also were taken many prentice.

1994, zhang Meilin reachs the first beauty peak. He bred the smooth stay of proceedings of 3 mus of ground, popular entire county, the grandest from time to tome 26 3 calories arrive home in waiting for carry to make the same score stay of proceedings, it is the village famous rich door.
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