Learn to do crystal to suckle Huang Bao

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Suckle yellow stuffing material
1, egg 1
2, settleclear pink 20 grams
3, Ji Shifen 2 small spoon
4, milk 45ml
5, candy 50 grams
6, butter 20 overcome

Suckle yellow stuffing to make
1. First butter break up 2. Cent second put sugar, part mix is even 3. Second put an egg, also want agitate even, settleclear pink, Ji Shifen is put again after entering milk finally 4. Lie between the panada of mix up water steam, every other 10 minutes of agitate, there is the feeling that agglomerate on the side, must mix is even 5. Agitate of edge evaporate edge is controlled 6.3 minutes good


Learn to do crystal to suckle Huang Bao

The material of crystal skin 1, 70 Ke Cheng pink 2, 20 grams give birth to pink 3, teaspoon of 1ml salt =1/4 makes a process 1. material sift out, mix is even, this time did not increase any water, smooth pink kind, the water microwave of 2.150ml heats quickly boiling 3. Add hot water slowly, fast agitate, because be ironed quite, use chopstick agitate first so, must even, let hot water iron flour to.4. The hand is getting used to heat gradually, had kneaded dough 5. Put salad oil of 1/2 big spoon 6. Rub the face smooth, the burnish that sees the face 7. The dose that cuts 10 grams left and right sides child 8. This heft can do 15 9. Grandma yellow defect also divides 15 10. Roll becomes the stuffing on portfolio 11. The face of binding off makes a copy, put into the mould, extrude decorative pattern (I was saved without the mould) paper is wiped on oil puts mug-up 13. Evaporate is put again after waiting for steam box water to be burned, it is good to use conflagration 3 minutes to change small fire boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 1 minute again.

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