The cheeper of less than of 2 one full year of life careful drink soya-bean milk

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Suffer the effect of incident of problem milk powder, at present citizen of a lot of Jilin changed the habit that drinks milk for a long time, laid the view market of soya-bean milk machine. Since consecutive period of time, sell like hot cakes of machine of Jilin city soya-bean milk.

Citizen: Oneself do soya-bean milk most be at ease

A lot of citizens express, as the exposure of problem milk powder, let people sense drink milk already no longer safe, still drink self-restrained soya-bean milk more reliable.

Ms. Li says: "My son 10 years old, to fill calcic, also drank old milk, but after grandma of problem liquid state is announced, I went to a supermarket rambling a few times, milk products almost unmanned make inquires. Finally, I bought machine of a soya-bean milk, abstain soya-bean milk, drinking be at ease. Drinking be at ease..

Liu Daniang also bought machine of a soya-bean milk, a juicer. "I and old partner are suckled one bag everyday before, after be informed problem milk powder, I think or oneself are done the safest, according to cookbook, put what thing oneself are done, look so that see to be being felt, not pigment, do not have poison more. Not pigment, do not have poison more..

Agency: Sales volume of soya-bean milk machine grows 50%

Subsequently, the reporter comes to a supermarket, discover soya-bean milk machine all is put to be in more conspicuous position, the sales promotion of machine of some brand soya-bean milk member cry out of ground of exert to one's utmost is worn, "The hand grinds soya-bean milk, green is natural, can add food crops and fruit vegetables, suit a family to use " . At the same time he returned the spot to make a few soya-bean milk, consumer can sample on the spot, soya-bean milk machine was bought after several consumer sample. "Sell first-rately these days, machine of two soya-bean milk stops money, one day sells many 50 to do not have a problem. One day sells many 50 to do not have a problem..

It is with machine of some brand soya-bean milk exemple, there are nearly 20 stores in Jilin city, include figure brand shop, supermarket, home appliance to sell. The king manager of responsible figure brand shop is told, enter autumn, arrived the busy season of soya-bean milk machine, but problem milk powder by exposure hind, soya-bean milk machine really sell like hot cakes, the old people in buying the crowd majority of soya-bean milk machine to be in centrally, at ordinary times the person that drinks milk habit for a long time is in the majority. "Pass this incident, change the food of a lot of people probably to be used to, let everybody abstain food. " king manager is told, whole will tell, the growth of sales volume of soya-bean milk machine of this brand that they act as agent exceeded 50% , catch up with before annual golden week.

The reporter discovers in market, the price of soya bean also rises subsequently, so 5 yuan / kilogram soya bean had gone up 6 yuan / kilogram, pedlar people express, nearly a few days, the sales volume of soya bean should exceed the millet that sells best.
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