11 kinds of natural health have a meal means

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Miscellaneous feed sufficient body to show the principle with complementary food, it is the assurance that obtains all sorts of nutriment. But first from eat 10 kinds everyday, 15 kinds of food are made.
Feed slow
"A meal is chewed 30 times, a meal takes half hour " have multiple effect: Be good at head, reduce weight, hairdressing, prevent cancer.
Original intention is " main abstain from eating meal " , is not a bit meat or fish also does not eat, the digestion structure place that this also is a person decides eat prototype.
Maigre the core measure that is disease of civilization of prevention and cure.
Feed early
Namely 3 eat all need early. Breakfast is fed early is a day " intellective switch " dinner is fed early can prevent more than 10 kinds of diseases.
Weak feed
Include the content such as little salt, little oil, little candy. " weak " the word can be solved.
Cold drinks and snacks
Eat the food with exorbitant temperature, harmful to esophagus health. Microtherm can prolong life, cold drinks and snacks still can enhance enteron function.
Delicacy is fed
Great majority food all with fresh to go up, a lot of " vivid nutriment " but be able to maintain. Advocate " delicacy eats delicacy to do " , " do not take surplus " .
Clean is fed
"Clean " include not to have dirt, without bacterial virus and content of free from contamination.
Unripe feed
Be not everything to all be born feed, however " suit those who feed to be born be born as far as possible feed " .
Feed surely
Time ration takes food, form motivation to finalize the design for a long time, this is the requirement of human body biological clock.
Small feed
21 centuries dine make eat 5 food with day or 6 eat are advisable, 3 prandial the small eat outside (in the morning at 10 o'clock, reached at 16 o'clock afternoon controlled at 20 o'clock) call " small feed " , have multiple effect. It and the snacks that say at ordinary times have not, latter does not have the concept of time ration, bring about with prandial contradiction.

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