Having 12 kinds of fruits is to make toxin artificially

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    as we have learned, these " poison " the fruit is to growing in the process, excessive is used urge long white, urge red element, expand white, the excessive in perhaps be being deposited uses antiseptic, colorant also is used in selling even, wax, blanch coloring to wait, had become the social effects of pollution of health of serious minatory people.
    expert is analysed, poisonous fruit runs rampant, the mainest reason is consumer often " take with appearance if really " , "What does consumer like, what can the businessman just produce. We like to buy the fruit of a big, lubricious delicacy, it is good to cast its place with respect to somebody of course, if consumer does not buy these problem fruits, ' cheat makes toxin ' behavior also won't exist " . For this, website of city food safety arranges 12 kinds technically to often eat " problem " fruit declare publicly at numerous, vigilant citizen do not " take with appearance if really " , the person that do not give cheat with the market.
Peach: Immerse with industrial citric acid
Honey peach immerses with industrial citric acid, decay peachy and bright redly, not easily.
This kind of chemical remain can be damaged neurological, cause irritability disease, cause cancer even. Half ripe neat a peach-shaped thing, join element of aluminous, sweet taste, alcohol to wait, make its ringing and sweet. Aluminous bases is vitriolic aluminium, long-term edible can bring about bone hyperplasia, memory to drop, flexibility of gawkish, skin drops and the problem such as furrow grow in quantity. Bai Tao is used sulfureous and fumigated, return the remain that can have 2 oxidation sulfur.
Mango: Calx covers yellow
Green mango covers with calx yellow, make skin looks glistening, but taste do not have mango flavour however, also put in excessive to use the issue of antiseptic.
Pear: Urge long element to make its early
Use expand element, urge long element to make its early, reoccupy bleaching powder, colorant (lemon is yellow) blanch coloring for its. Treated pear juice little taste is weak, return meeting companion to have peculiar smell and corrupt stink sometimes. This kind of poisonous pear deposits time weak point, easy decay.
Banana: With ammonia water accelerate the ripening
With ammonia water or accelerate the ripening of 2 oxidation sulfur, cuticular tender Huang Hao sees this kind of banana, but pulp mouthfeel is inflexible, taste is not sweet also. 2 oxidation sulfur is neurological to human body cause damage, still can affect liver kidney function.
Watermelon: Expand agent is urged big
Exceed mark to use agent of accelerate the ripening, expand agent and virulent agriculture chemical, the stripe on skin of this kind of watermelon is inhomogenous, the flesh after incision is new, melon seeds shows white, have peculiar smell.
Grape: Put ethylene to become violet
Put the green grape that has not mature into solution of ethylene benefit dilute to soak, crossed grape of 9 reddish black to grow violet grape. Color of this kind of grape not all, the quantity that contain sugar is little, juice little taste is weak, long-term edible is harmful to human body.
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