Milk drinks fabaceous grandma correctly appropriately

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Milk drinks fabaceous grandma correctly appropriately
Hospital of     Qi Lu concerns an expert to put forward, milk is drinkable and undeserved easy cause nutrient composition prediction of a person's luck in a given year or create the body unwell, and fabaceous grandma is unfavorable drink more, its metabolization child can increase nephritic burden, patient of exhaustion of function of gastritis, kidney and children, had better be drunk less or do not drink. The leftover fiber in soya-bean milk has interference effect, its absorb the effect to be inferior to milk.
    reporter understands, drink milk to should choose optimal time. In the morning heat energy is supplied take demand of total heat energy 25% to 30% , accordingly, breakfast drinks a cup of milk to add egg or biscuit to had been compared; Also can be in afternoon 4 when the beverage before the left and right sides serves as dinner is drunk; Besides, a cup of milk is drunk to conduce to Morpheus before sleeping in the evening, on a few biscuit had better match when drinking.
    expert thinks to should not be hollow drink milk, milk adds the optimal combination that the egg is breakfast. The morning is hollow drink milk to have a lot of corrupt practice, because be hollow, drink the milk that go in cannot sufficient enzymatic solution, nutrient composition cannot be digested well absorb. Some people appear possibly still accordingly bellyacke, diarrhoea.

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