Eat pork liver unexpectedly also irritability shock

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Eat pork liver unexpectedly also irritability shock
Weak salt solution of the application before cooking immerses for some time
    is being saved new China room of hospital emergency call, the Xiaojin that lies on sickbed daydreams also did not think of, because ate a few pork liver, within an inch of lost the lot.
    gold mom goes the day before yesterday food market buys food, see pork liver quite fresh bought a place, dinner fried a dish, 3 feel taste is good. Still one redundant is put into freezer with respect to conveniently.
    yesterday early in the morning, golden mom took out pork liver to put dot wild rice stem to fry the breakfast below Xiaojin from freezer. Unexpectedly Xiaojin eats pork liver to be less than 10 minutes, feel guttural pins and needles, scratchy, burning ground is afflictive, occurrence bosom is subsequently fuggy urgent, all over aglow, remove rash, scalp scratchy. Golden mom sees shape is dialed instantly 120.
The Xiaojin that     just reached a hospital, breath has 40 times / cent, throb 130 times / cent, blood pressure and oxygen degree of saturation are very low. Emergency call doctor is diagnosed " irritability shock " , adopt instantly suck oxygen, fluid infusion, fight the emergency treatment measure such as allergic cure. After a hour, body asks for Xiaojin's life to come down gradually smoothly.
   " not bad, I still think him otherwise went. You fasten mom urgent, I had felt. " look at aside worried mother, xiaojin is frail the ground says.
    often hears mango is pollen allergy, seafood allergy, allergic before, but pork liver allergy happens to hear of rarely however. Yesterday, reporter specially consulted a doctor.
    province is new China Shi Hailan of doctor of vice director of hospital dermatological department says, liver is the biggest alexipharmic organ in animal airframe, pig from butcher arrives after birth, not little remedy was used among will treat a few diseases, still have vaccinal injection. Many medicaments remain is centered on liver, the person with poor constitution ate to appear easily later bromatoxism or allergic phenomenon. But, pork liver nutrition is rich, among them the content of iron is porky 18 times much, protein content also outclass lean lean, still contain rich vitamin A and vitamin B2. Stone doctor suggests, weak salt solution of the application before cooking immerses for some time.

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