Do not eat these 6 kinds of food they make your prematurely senile

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The      growth as the age, we hope we can look can appear younger. But often things go contrary to one's wishes, some people look even if show old, the appearance of this kind of prematurely senile is created by a variety of reasons, often eat among them certain the material that urges person premature senility easily is a main reason. So, you want great attention in dietary respect!
1, souse food. When the food such as souse fish, flesh, dish, the salt of easy enroll is changed into nitrite, it falls in the enzymatic catalysis inside body, easy generate with the action of of all kinds material inside body inferior the carcinogen of amine, the person eats much contract cancer easily, make human body premature senility.
2, the food that contain lead. Lead can make potassium goes inside the head adrenalin, much cling to the content of amine and 5- hydroxide lubricious amine is reduced apparently, cause jumpy conduct block sluggish, cause the disease such as obstacle of memory decline, gawkish disease, intellectual growth. Human body photographs lead overmuch, still can destroy the function of ribonucleic acid of genetic material to oxigenate inside nerve cell directly, make the person contracts gawkish disease easily not only, and still can make person complexion gloomy and premature anile.
3, furring. Tea service or water are provided with long can produce furring later, if keep clear of not in time clean, often drinkable meeting is caused digest, make water of nerve, secrete, hematopoiesis, loop wait for systematic pathological changes and cause consenescence, this is caused. The furring in the thermos bottle that the scientist ever passed 98 days to using has undertaken chemical analysis, discover harmful tantalum is more: Cadmium is 0, 034 milligram, mercury is 0, 44 milligram, arsenic is 0, 21 milligram, aluminium is 0, 012 milligram. These harmful tantalum are great to human body harm.
4, mildew changes food. Commissariat, oily kind, earthnut, legume, flesh kind, when the hair mildew such as fish changes, can produce many bacteria and yellow aspergillus element. These mildewy content once by person edible hind, light happen to diarrhoea, vomiting, dazed, dazed, be agitated, enteritis, audition drops and wait for a symptom feebly all over, can send cancer to send abnormal again, make person premature senility.
5, fat crossing oxygen is qualitative. Fat crossing oxygen is a kind of not saturated fatty acid character cross oxide. For example the edible that scamper crosses fish, shrimp, flesh to wait is oily, place long hind face of the cookie that can have made oxygen fat bask in the piscine doing below sunshine, brawn for a long time to wait to be deposited for a long time character namely, cake, tea-oil tree, grease, produce the oil of rancid flavour easily especially, the meeting after grease acid is defeated has produced oxygen.
6, alcoholic beverage. In the life many or often drink, can make liver produces alcoholism and cause inflammation intumescent, bring about male spermatozoon deformation, sexual function decline, impotent wait for a woman to be able to appear menstruation is not moved, stop oviposit, sexual desire drops even the premature senility phenomenon such as frigidity.
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