Raise lung to often eat almond

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Raise lung to often eat almond
    lives in big city, the air that is polluted all the year round is surrounded; Life rhythm is accelerated, cigarette of have the aid of of a lot of people comes life-giving... these are lung cancer come on created an opportunity. How to protect our lung, make the central point that the masses pays close attention to increasingly.
    considers to prove, dietotherapy raises lung to be able to help precautionary pneumonia. Often feed almond, yam, Bai Luobo, lily, gram to wait, can have the effect of embellish lung. Especially almond, be considered as since ancient times can relieve a cough embellish lung, fall the healthy food of the fire that enrage Qing Dynasty. These food are divided outside having the function that raises lung, return the immune function that can improve human body.
    almond still contains rich vitamin E. Finnish scientist is aimed at the person that 29 thousand male smokes, the investigation and study that had a last a period of time 8 years. Result discovery, when the content of E of the vitamin in human body blood is high, lung cancer incidence of a disease can reduce 19%-23% . This one effect preventing cancer of vitamin E to 60 years old the following, smoke age is less than 40 years, the male with not much smoking particularly apparent, the lung cancer incidence of a disease that can let them reduces 40%-50% . A findings report that institute of American country cancer publishs shows, if often eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin E, the lung cancer incidence of a disease of the person that can make smoke is reduced greatly. This institute goes out in report middle finger, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin E includes almond, filbert and whole wheat food to wait.

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