Wash an apple to be careful to wash dirtier more

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       most person is used to gross to be eaten off together when eating an apple, because,this is, malic skin contains rich nutrition really. Compare pulp and character, have stronger fight oxidisability, still can prevent the chronic disease such as hypertension; But occasionally people also can be put in doubt, when taking malic skin, sensory surface can have oily shape and candle feeling, so, does this candle endanger a gender after all to the body? Nutrition of institute of food of Chinese agriculture college and food safety fasten director He Jiguo to express clearly, this candle is fed won't produce a harm to the body, everybody need not worry too.
       " general component is the candle on malic skin two kinds " , he Jiguo explains, one kind is the apple grows the candle that forms in the process, this is a kind of fat kind composition, it is the plant covering layer that builds in malic surface. It prevents the outside effectively microbial, pesticide inbreak pulp, rise to protect action; Another kind is the fruit candle that adds artificially. Be this is planted " artificial fruit candle " , make many people careladen. Actually, it is a kind of carapace gets together candy material, be extracted from inside the crustacean animal such as crab, conch more and come. He Jiguo tells a reporter, itself of this kind of material does not have harm to the body, its action basically is to use those who last, prevent an apple to deteriorate in the decay in storing line-haul, for long.
        although the candle itself in malic skin is harmless to the body, but if you want to take a skin to eat, still want to be washed clean, because this " diaphragm " the likelihood contains the harmful material such as pesticide hangover. "Rinse with the hand, scrub can be washed clean " , he Jiguo tells a reporter, if not be at ease, have two " subtle move " can try. It is to squeeze bit of toothpaste to knead after breaking, its dissolve is in water, with the reoccupy after this bath clear water is rinsed clean can; 2 it is the hot water that puts the apple into temperature moderate in, candle encounters hot meeting to melt, but water is warm cannot too tall.
       " nevertheless, must not bubble is washed " , he Jiguo reminds, the fruit long bubble is in water, the likelihood brings about the harmful material infiltration such as pesticide hangover, microbial bacterium in pulp. Not only short of cleans a purpose, still meet " wash dirtier more " , go against health.

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