"Take the advantage of heat to eat " most go against long life

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      " take the advantage of heat to eat " it is a civilities that the Chinese entertains a guest all along, nevertheless, this kind of ceremony should change it seems that changed. Recently, according to Taiwan cancer clinical research develops a report of foundation to point out, eat so that super-cooling overheat can have caustic bowel path and body function, eat the food with temperature close more at ordinary times, can defer ageing of intestines and stomach, the prolong life that help a person.
       from the noodle that risking steam, to the dumpling of steamed stuffed bun of stuffing makings nice and warm, and the chaffy dish of boiling hot, the Chinese's food cannot leave all the time " hot " this word. Border area of deputy secretary-general of Chinese cooking association expresses, because,this is, asian constitution is opposite weaker, it is OK to eat heat to feed provide more energy for the body, help people keep out is cold maintain temperature. Under photograph comparing, the person constitution of Euramerican and other places is stronger, eat food itself quantity of heat is higher at ordinary times, because this does not have special requirement to food temperature, the cold drinks and snacks in their dietary structure is so more. "Of course, the Chinese loves to eat heat to still have a reason is, a lot of alimental are delicate need temperature will arouse, and the fragrance that the Chinese's taste and smell got used to this kind to be stimulated to give out by temperature already, so heat is fed become compatriots to came 100000 changeless dietary habit.
       " frontier says. Nevertheless, however more and more research show now, a variety of enteron disease be closely bound up such as dietary overheat and esophagus cancer. Because esophagus wall of the person is comprised by mucous membrane,this is, very delicate, ability suffers 50, the food of 60 ℃ , exceed this temperature, the mucous membrane of esophagus is met by scald. Too very hot food temperature is in 70, 80 ℃ left and right sides, resemble the boiled water with strong good make tea, temperature can be amounted to 80, 90 ℃ , very easy scald feeds path wall. If often eat hot food, mucous membrane is injured have not repair gets again scald, can form simple table ulcer. Scald of again and again, rehabilitate, with respect to the change that can cause mucous membrane to pledge, further progress becomes tumor.
       traditional Chinese medical science also does not advocate dietary overheat. Academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science east Jiang Liangduo of professor of internal medicine of straight door hospital says: "Inside enteron, undertake below the temperature that alimental digestive process is close to temperature aptly. The food of overheat can bring about gas blood excessive and active, blood-vessel of gastric bowel path is outspread, produce stimulation to intestines and stomach. Produce stimulation to intestines and stomach..
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