Beauty of female sexual love not forgets diet is healthy

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       is fed in eat a health
Be enlightened crosses food to come body of take good care of sb, be about hasten benefit avoids kill, build scientific and good food convention. Overcome the sort of moustache to eat chaos, want to eat what to eat, want to eat to have the bad food habit of how many. Improve the integral quality of life.
       traditional Chinese medical science thinks, regular have dinner, reasonable collocation is " feed raise " basic principle. Dietary other people wants phyletic diversity, tie-in and reasonable, to nibble slow pharynx wants when moderate of the five flavors takes food, cannot eat and drink too much cate is beautiful implement, mood is installed and. Additional, food suits with photograph of environment of the age, constitution, zone, seasonal weather even.
       food eats a law to have exquisite
The food with high value of good to flavour, nutrition, people nature likes to eat more, but the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the nutrient value of food itself is admittedly fundamental, its edible method also is mixed to the absorption of food nutrition health of intestines and stomach is very important.
       dines on time is to safeguard human body to have the absorb and uses key of section law sex to nutrient material, it is to feed one of main factors in raising. Right amount food, it is one of important segment that maintain balance of human body yin and yang.
Slow pharynx of       to nibble can develop a medium body fluid adequately to irrigate the vital organs of the human body, the action of moist the whole body. Because the material such as a variety of enzymatic, vitamins in body fluid, organic acid is peptic, have embellish clean oral cavity, fight bacterium, fight poison and defend the action such as cancer. Indulgent food, eat and drink too much, belly-worship, injure taste extremely easily, make food is couldn't get digest adequately, the energy of life of fierce is easy inside corrode internal organs of the body and cause a disease.
       food also has " 4 gas the five flavors "
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, food is had cold, hot, lukewarm, cool 4 kinds of attribute, still have acerbity, suffering, pleasant, laborious, salty 5 kinds of flavour. Alimental attribute and olfactory are different, affecting its to be opposite of body action different.
The food of        cold sex, cool sex is helpful for heating up sexual disease. Be like: Balsam pear sex is cold, can clear heat is alexipharmic, can use at pyretic or hotly irritated thirsty, the eye bare that liver heat causes is painful. Cold cool be degree only is different, if banana belongs to cool sex fruit, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty action, the irritated heat that is used at heating up Yin Jin to appear is thirsty.
The food of        hot sex, lukewarm sex has profit to cold sex disease. Be like: Sex of meat of hotpot, dog is lukewarm, have effect of Wen Zhongnuan kidney, can feed less with the bellyacke that at lienal kidney Xu Han appears, lumbar genu Wei is soft, impotent.
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