If why we eat good breakfast during reduce weight?

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    is too careful be short of nutrition, having breakfast is no good, but breakfast eats too subtly also is profitless. "Eat so that resemble an emperor " not be to show breakfast wants much luxury careful, say breakfast nutrition wants however comprehensive. Different every kind should have milk, egg, staple food, fruit, vegetable nutrition. Elegant confect although taste is good, but nutrition is onefold, and be digested very easily, not " very hungry " . Sun Chengzhi thinks, good breakfast should have nutrition not only even " very hungry " , because morning is the time that people job focuses quite normally, if two hours were digested, much at 10 o'clock bell is hungry, did not have a law to work next.
The breakfast of     ideal had better have congee, the expert suggests oatmeal is betterer, not only nutrition rich and continuously digestive time is longer, vc of complement of 56 red jujubes can be put in congee, the staple food in such breakfast and fruit had, if time can do a tomato to fry an egg, such vegetable and egg also had. Breakfast milk is cannot little, its nutrition need not say oneself, and its digestive time about 3 hours, one times more than congee. Staple food had better choose rice or potato kind, should compare bread steamed bread better. Eat on the road damage health.
    to can sleep a little while more, a lot of people aux would rather put breakfast on the road that go to work. Eat in street edge fastfood or the edge walks along an edge to eat, sun Chengzhi expresses, breakfast should eat not only nutrition, should eat healthily more. Woke with respect to start off, have breakfast on the road, such habit is very old to healthy influence. A hour had better drink a cup of water, with helping digestive juice secrete, on the road that go to work, to nibble slow pharynx is impossible, when walking blood cannot be digested adequately to gastric help peristalsis, caused indigestion from this. Sun Chengzhi thinks, rising early to ate a breakfast for health is be to one's profit.

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