The alimental food of 12 kinds of the easiest tie-in mistakes

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In     life, someFoodtie-in combination has been long-standing, its wonderful taste also is accepted by people place, customarily also feels these are planted collocation is of follow a rational line to do some work well.

EarthBeansAndBeefThe chroma of the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice that when be being digested, requires is different, can cause gastric bowel to digest those who draw time to lengthen.

But fromHealthyangle is told, unscientific still, familyHealthyThe expert can be to having sufficient reason. List to you here 12 kinds byHealthyThe expert labels wrong dish collocation. Nevertheless, do not eat so, some things are really bad still to eat, I think little so eat the question is not big perhaps. If you take seriously very muchHealthy, still comply with the advice of experts, do not follow me like, always be foolish eat, gluttonous.

1. EarthBeansBurnBeef

EarthBeansBurnBeef: As a result of earthBeansAndBeefThe chroma of the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice that requires when be digested is different, lengthen with respect to certainly willFoodIn the detention time in the stomach, cause gastric bowel to digest those who draw time to lengthen thereby, as time passes, what cause function of intestines and stomach necessarily is disorder.

   2. Shallot mixesBeansCorrupt

Shallot mixesBeansCorrupt: BeansThe oxalic acid in the calcium in corrupt and green, white of meeting knot synthesis is sedimentary -- oxalic acid is calcic, it is difficult to be being absorbed calcicly to create human body likewise.
  3. BeansThe oar is strongChickenEgg

  BeansThe oar is strongChickenEgg: ChickenThe mucous sex albumen in the egg is met withBeansThe trypsin in the oar is united in wedlock, lose both thereby dueNutritionValue.

4. TeaFoliaceous egg

  TeaThe leaf is boiledChickenEgg: TeaOutside alkaloid is being divided in the leaf, still have acidity material, these compound andChickenThe iron element in the egg is united in wedlock, have stimulative effect to the stomach, and go against digest absorb.
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